FrontSeat - because Music Matters.

The music industry has been choked by technology, making it very difficult for new artists and new music to be seen and heard. With shows like the Voice™ and American Idol™ being the only platform besides You tube™ & Spotify for new artists to break into the industry, it is time for the industry to evolve WITH technology and FrontSeat is the platform that allows every artist, big and small, the opportunity to essentially be their own record label and advance their careers.

The FREE platform gives 'FANS' the chance to be a part of the artists' career, and help promote to their favorite artists. Fans can create video or audio playlists for streaming or download, can vote in contests, and even 'Tip' their favorite artists.

'ARTISTS' have a free platform to not only promote themselves and their music, but the ability to book tours with local venue owners from as small as within their own city, to a national tour, and can conduct live streaming shows for fans, enter contests, and even sell custom 'SWAG' merchandise to their fans.

'VENUE OWNERS' and 'SPONSORS' have a free platform that gives them the ability to create contests, book artists to play at their venues, and even promote their local venue throughout the web!

FrontSeat puts fans in the drivers seat and gives artists a real chance at making a living as a musician and furthering their careers.

Our Mission

The Front Seat mission is to give every artist the chance to make a living, enable more stars & new talents to be discovered, and provide a safe and secure platform for artists to engage in business; all while making sure the FANS are part of that journey with them.



Artists have the ability to promote themselves and advance their careers. They can receive ‘tips’ from fans in appreciation and they can also connect with Venue users to book gigs or concert tour(s). Artist users also have access to the Front Seat merchandising system that allows them to sell merchandise directly to their fans on a drop ship program that covers all inventory and shipment, allowing any artist to sell merchandise with no out of pocket costs. Fans buy the merchandise and artists get their markup from their chosen retail price. Simple and fast – that’s it – Front Seat handles everything else and the artists just collects payments from the sales.


The Fan - Fans have their own dashboard to manage their music, videos, & preferences. Front Seat creates a fun environment for fans to be a ’supporter’ of their favorite artists, helping them advance their careers. Fans can create video or audio playlists for streaming or download, can vote in contests, and even 'Tip' their favorite artists. Fans can also network and socialize with other fans with similar interests, and the messaging system allows all users to stay connected and informed.


Venue Owner

The Venue Owner – In addition to all the regular fan features, venue owners have their own unique dashboards and can promote their venues & utilize the system’s ‘gig booking’ system to book talent to play at their venues.

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