Our Mission

FRONT SEAT is a (patent-pending) premium streaming service that puts fans in the front seat at their favorite events. During any event, multiple camera angles are presented LIVE or in Pre-recorded broadcasts for the users to choose from. View the fight from the referees point of view, walk out with your favorite musician as they take to the stage, choose which Nascar driver to sit with during a race or watch the X-games LIVE from every angle you choose. After a live event, premium members can edit the streaming broadcast and save their personal versions of the experience. With this same core multi-camera streaming technology, we are also launching FRONT SEAT NEWS. In the course of any new event happening LIVE, the application will ask the user in a geo-targeted area if they want to be a contributor. Members of FRONT SEAT NEWS can link their personal cell phones as one of the multiple cameras in a LIVE event. From weather, traffic, politics, violence, or any newsworthy event, members can be apart of the LIVE, unfiltered, unedited news from up to 5000 camera angles. The system also has a storage/search component to monetize amateur news content similar to an ‘Uber’ business model of allowing anyone to be able to sell content to local news stations. The local news station contributors are able to search through the database and pay royalty that we pay back to the content owner minus our 20% royalty.